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  • Massive Open Online Courses have become very popular all over the world, SWAYAM, Coursera and edX are some examples. Incidentally, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has turned the attention of almost all educational institutions to the online teaching tools. Most of them are attempting an online version of their classroom teaching using videoconferencing tools, instead of adopting a proper Learning Management System that is essential to do it in an effective manner. Lack of awareness and training seems to be the only thing preventing the academic community to adopt proper LMS systems.

    The institutions should own the tools and infrastructure required for it. Fortunately, the most popular LMS system Moodle is Free and Open Source Software. What is required is to train teachers to design courses for a proper LMS and provide the knowhow and support to the educational institutions to establish their own LMS servers.

    Inter University Accelerator Centre, that has been providing Particle Accelerator facilities to the Universities for the past three decades, has initiated a program in this regard. We have established an LMS server to support the academic community.

    The program consists of the following components.

  • - Training teachers to create courses using the Moodle LMS.
  • - Hosting the courses created by them to teach their students, on a trial basis.
  • - Provide technical support to the institutions who want to establish LMS servers.
  • Training would contain online classes and offline practice. Interested teachers may register their names.

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