School on Nuclear Models for Structure Studies
17th - 20th October, 2023
Registrations for the school are open!
  • About the School

    Inter University Accelerator Centre is an ion accelerator based research institute of University Grants Commission under Ministry of Education, Govt of India. This centre has been pioneer in providing accelerator based research facility to all the universities and institutes of the country. Since the IUAC's accelerator facilities were put into service in 1991, nuclear physics has been one of the main research themes. Some of our important facilities include the Gamma Detector Array (GDA), Indian National Gamma Array (INGA), Heavy Ion Reaction Analyzer (HIRA), HYbrid Reaction Analyzer (HYRA), National Array of Neutron Detectors (NAND) and General Purpose Scattering Chamber (GPSC). The IUAC is proud to host the School on Nuclear Structure Studies biennial, providing a valuable platform for young researchers to broaden their knowledge and skills. In keeping with this tradition, we are pleased to announce that IUAC will hold an "School on Nuclear Models for Structure Studies" from October 17th to October 20th, 2023. This event promises to be an engaging and educational experience for all participants. We look forward to welcoming aspiring researchers to join us for this enriching opportunity. There will be lectures delivered by eminent speakers from India. The "School on Nuclear Models for Structure Studies" is designed to offer an in-depth exploration of key topics in nuclear models for nuclear structure studies. We extend a warm invitation and strong encouragement to enthusiastic young researchers currently pursuing their PhDs and emerging faculty members who are embarking on their research journey in nuclear structure. This invitation is extended to individuals from diverse Indian Institutes and Universities who are actively involved in the field of nuclear structure or related disciplines.

    Important Dates
    Registration opens 23rd August 2023
    Registration Closes 15th September 2023
    Selection of Candidates 25th September 2023