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Online IUAC Summer Programme 2021 for B.Sc. (Physics) Students

Inter University Accelerator Centre (IUAC) is an autonomous centre of the University Grants Commission (UGC) providing internationally competitive research facility within university system by using various accelerator systems which delivers energised ion beam. Research is conducted primarily in the fields of experimental nuclear physics, materials science, atomic and molecular physics, accelerator physics, accelerator mass spectrometry, radiation biology and radiation physics. More information is available in IUAC's website: http://www.iuac.res.in.

Students studying in second / third year B.Sc. (Physics) / integrated M.Sc. (Physics) in any Indian college / university / institute and securing minimum 60% marks in all examinations can apply for the summer programme which will be conducted online during 01-30 June, 2021. The aim of the programme is to give glimpse of research opportunities available in various branches of experimental or accelerator physics and to provide online training by IUAC's scientists/engineers to young students. Each selected student is expected to carry out a short project in experimental and accelerator physics, guided by a mentor. Upon successful completion of the project, students would be asked to present their work through online presentation. A few online special lectures and online guided tour of the experimental facilities of IUAC will also be arranged.

Interested students need to apply online with necessary details. Applications cannot be submitted by post or through email.

Final List of Selected Candidates is available for download. Programme Details will be uploaded soon.

Download First List of Selected Candidates

Download Second List of Selected Candidates

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